Gray Skies

I will tell you a secret! Her eyes will make you smile and you will see what beauty from India is like! That’s what you’ll feel like in every one of her movies.

There’s no time to flip the switch when you wake up tomorrow morning things are happening when you at least expect it she is a supermodel who combats constant negativity of those who are always in a phase of constant dwelling on things that don’t matter.

Spring Break is what they have in their minds about Stella. She has class she has elegance she has style she is always near perfection she increased her own flexibility.

She just break out of the mold of one of the world’s greatest supermodels of her own time. She changes her muscle tone, but she was new to yoga spending three weeks at a yoga retreat located remotely along the forest and the valley.

That place was where Stella attended. She now lives near the city-state to create her own modifier for every yoga pose. Once she balance the scales of justice someone would be throwing shade of gray clouds dark and terrifying.

Dreams of the Snake

“Steroids are very dangerous making them so lonely, they would never admit it.” Those words came out from Brandon Carbajal’s mind. But his betrayal towards the entire high school had shaken them all to the core.

At the homecoming game, the two schools didn’t finish the game thanks to Brandon’s disgusting rant about Kimberly Hazelwood. Despite her admiration for her quarterback boyfriend she knew Brandon would be up to no good.

The game was supposed to happen after Brandon got expelled from high school last year.  All it took was a bad apple to tarnish both of the school’s reputations when it comes to tradition in true sportsmanship in the sport of football.

The football referee always wear the white hat making the call for everyone in the high school football field to hear. He’s one of the referees that was going to retire that night. It was a homecoming game, until Brandon unleashes his toxic behavior.

The referee was calling out the penalty as loud as he can. That is when Brandon gets louder interfering him and he emerged from the shadows of angst for retribution by doing what everyone in the school did to him. Brandon believed they were cruel to them.

City of Venus

The outbursts cause distress or impairment of functioning or lead to financial or legal consequences, and that is when Sydney, Australia had been without human life for years.

September 8 was the day Jessica encountered a man she didn’t know. He was an intelligent man with autism. Jessica knows, life is a cereal box, you’ll know what you get when you open it. Her father says it best. He admits that because he said so from his own heart and his own personal experience.

Like the movie Jessica understands, she was a victim of her boyfriend’s anti-social behavior in the real world. But he was more 100% social in the virtual world. Her boyfriend plays video games every day non-stop. Jessica broke up with him later.